Application Optimization with the Xtensa Processor Generator

Make your Processor or DSP run your application more efficiently

Do you need to run your software algorithms on a processor or DSP, but can’t find one that meets your performance, energy and cost requirements? Perhaps you have a proprietary algorithm that will put you ahead of your competition, and you want to make sure it can’t be copied, but you don’t have the time or resources to start from scratch? You can quickly create your own unique processor or DSP, optimized for your particular algorithms, using the Tensilica Processor Platform.

Our patented technology allows you to quickly build unique task-specific processors and DSPs fully tailored to your application requirements, with a full matching software tool chain. Tensilica has a portfolio of processors for audio, imaging, vision, communications, and general-purpose control and DSP.  They hit the “sweet spot” for those application profiles, delivering a level of performance and efficiency you can only get with optimized processors.

Tensilica takes processor optimization to another level, by giving you use of the same design tools that we use to optimize processors. You can profile your own application and define your own instructions, registers and data types to dial in a level of performance and efficiency that someone else’s processor can’t reach when running your specific application. You can even replace specialized hardware RTL with processor instructions/datapaths that you can program and adapt to make an entirely new kind of processor.

We know how to build processors, and you know what you want. Tensilica technology allows us to team up and make a processor that’s better for you than any other. More than 250 companies have used Tensilica technology to make more than 1500 unique processors, that do things that other fixed-ISA (instruction set architecture) processors or DSPs can't. Tensilica Processors are shipping at a rate of more than 4B units per year. Find out more about Tensilica processor technology at