Cadence XOS Kernel Reference Design

A kernel developed to run on Tensilica processors

XOS is a small, fast multi-tasking kernel reference design developed by Cadence for Tensilica processors.  If you are developing your own  operating environment for a Tensilica processors, XOS is a good place to start.  XOS is included with Cadence SDKs.

  • As small as 5K bytes (for a minimal application running 3 tasks)
  • Task scheduler
  • Context switch automatically adapts to processor configuration
  • Interrupt/exception management
  • Critical resource management
  • Timers, mutex, semaphore, event, message queue
  • Dynamic timer tick support for power management
  • Thread-safe option (when used with newlib or xclib C libraries)
  • Lightweight print operations (when using xtutil library).
  • Optional event logging support.
  • Configurable debug instrumentation