CommSolid CSN130

CommSolid CSN130 is a complete ultra-low power baseband IP (Intellectual Property) for cellular IoT consisting of hardware (RTL) and software stack.

CSN130 has been explicitly designed for the NB-IoT standard defined by 3GPP as part of Release 13. CommSolid’s revolutionary implementation approach allows for a complete new design utilizing the advantages of NB-IoT – turning it to a solution with an extremely small footprint and with ultra-low power consumption. By using a smart integration concept, CSN130 provides a high level of flexibility needed for the variety of NB-IoT use cases and applications.

Supported 3GPP features:

  • 3GPP NB-IoT Release 13, Cat NB1
  • 20 dB coverage extension compared to LTE, WCDMA or GPRS
  • Single-tone and multi-tone uplink transmission
  • Control plane CIoT EPS optimization
  • User plane CIoT EPS optimization (optional)
  • Multi PRB
  • Support for all TX power classes & RF bands