For Tensilica Processors

FreeRTOS is a market-leading free real time operating system (RTOS). FreeRTOS is a fully deterministic, commercial grade, stable, and reliable RTOS that is 100 percent free to use. It is professionally developed and maintained, strictly quality-controlled, robust, and free to use in commercial products.  FreeRTOS runs on all Tensilica processors.

FreeRTOS Version 10 port for Tensilica processors is available here.  Version 10 has improvements over earlier release and is recommended for new designs.  This port was developed and is maintained by Cadence.

A Tensilica project can also be found in the FreeRTOS SourceForge source tree here.

FreeRTOS is used in the Amazon FreeRTOS operating system for microcontrollers.

FreeRTOS is used in Espressif's WiFi SoC products.  You can find Espressif's Amazon FreeRTOS project here.