MegaChips eDSP Sensor Processing Engine

MegaChips eDSP is a state-of-the-art sensor processing engine developed to perform high-end arithmetic processing in real-time at a fraction of the power compared to most microcontrollers in the market today.

The eDSP integrates Megachips' 32-bit programmable DSP core, 256K RAM for instruction, 256K RAM for data, and various peripherals and interfaces to enable a vast array of IoT sensor applications, capable of the most fundamental to computationally intensive programs.  The DSP core “ParaForce” includes a 3-way VLIW (Very Long Instruction Word) and a 4-way floating point SIMD (processing multiple data with a single instruction). It can perform multi-way branching and conditional execution allowing programs to explicitly specify instructions to execute concurrently, and in parallel. This unique feature provides higher-performance, and lower power without the complexity inherent to other microprocessor based designs

With the available Evaluation kit, supported sensors, and sample algorithms, eDSP is ideal for developers who want to develop their own customized fusion algorithm from concept to production using the same platform reducing their time-to-market, and cost.