Xtensa Xplorer SDK for Tensilica Processors

Hop into the driver's seat of Tensilica's SDK and you'll find a familiar Eclipse IDE cockpit providing lots of views of your program and memory state, profiling tools for fine-tuning your code, and a library of documentation.  Under the hood is a vectorizing DSP compiler and command line tools,  with a runtime environment that includes single- and multi-tasking kernels and libraries for controlling all the features of the processor.  The SDK can connect to wide range of targets from simulators to boards through off-the-shelf JTAG interfaces.

But the most amazing feature of the SDK is that it allows your code to be portable across any Xtensa processor configuration from a simple controller to 128-way vector processing supercomputer (1000's of Xtensa processors have been built, with 100's in production SoCs).   Just import the processor configuration file from your SoC vendor and start driving.